Visual Style

The images on this page were taken while I was a member of a beta user group for a mobile imaging application on which I was a designer and developer. Art direction to shooters on the team was intentionally omitted, our sole directive was to shoot a minimum of five candid photos daily of any subject we were inspired to capture in the moment. I live in a weather pattern of almost daily rain showers, yielding ample opportunity for lush settings in outdoor natural light.

On user experience design projects, we strive for succinct communication, expedient information flow and vibrant visual appeal with as broad a range of people as possible because the work is built for large cross cultural user bases. Professional aesthetic serves all of those, as well as supporting usage patterns, feature integration and voicing the brand. However, it is still informed by personal aesthetic.

If you find the style of these images engaging, and would like to review a broader sample of my work and projects, please feel welcome to contact me at ann ‘at’ to arrange a meeting or phone call during which we can peruse samples of work online, including motion graphics and user experience work, together. Thanks for dropping in.