Hope In Unexpected Places

The single most surprising takeaway that continues to return to me from driving rideshare in St Louis for about 24 months is that people, in general, are much more decent and have more common sense than we may perceive ourselves as a national community to have. I was not particularly hopeful that I would be […]

So Few Left

I am more familiar with the neighborhoods around Soulard Park than other neighborhoods because at one time I lived nearby. Things can change so fast within five years in any large city, but the swings in St Louis are baffling, at least they were to me until I learned more about the recent history of […]

Why Are You Here

When I started driving rideshare, a friend had helped me find a used Hyundai Santa Fe. The exterior and interior were clean, it was easy to maintain, and it had been reasonably inexpensive to purchase so rather than the added expense of a monthly auto payment, the earnings from my small business would be profit […]

Tricked: Go To Jail

It is now 2021, and although I haven’t written about my experiences driving rideshare with Uber in St Louis, stories of my riders which reshaped my image of St Louis during the last two years I lived there are still easy to remember. A young woman entered my car in the Central West End neighborhood […]